About Apex

Apex is unique in its ability to reach globally, service Locally and provide cross-jurisdictional solutions

"We're all working together, that's the secret" 

- Sam Walton


Apex is a large global institution that retains a focus on high client service levels delivered locally.

Originally established in Bermuda in 2003 by Chairman and Founder, Peter Hughes, Apex now has over 600 staff based in 33 offices across 26 jurisdictions globally.

Apex provides a full suite of products surrounding its core fund accounting services from regulatory solutions to Capital Introduction Services. 


"I founded Apex with a very clear objective - to work locally alongside clients to provide a fast, effective and locally tailored service. Strong client relationships have been, and always will be, at the heart of the Apex philosophy. The commitment to staying true to this goal has played a huge part in our ability to expand Apex's services across the world. Our global network of offices are focused on delivering services locally, with good ethics, to both our clients and staff".

    Peter Hughes, Chairman and Founder



 "Apex delivers a unique and competitively distinctive service to asset managers. By affording our clients a broad suite of administrative and regulatory services, we deliver the ability to develop and distribute investment management strategies through any channel, anywhere in the world. Our clients rely on us to bring them economical solutions to support their success. We are here to ensure that the operational infrastructure of a fund runs efficiently and is not hindered by excess overhead costs; it is here that Apex excels."

     Bill Salus, Global Chief Executive Officer

“We have worked with Apex for a number of years and throughout this time have found their team to be professional, dedicated and always willing to help. As regulations become ever increasing, they have helped ease the burden by providing full services to help us meet our regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions. Apex have been able to fully support our changing needs as our business grows and furthermore, we see that they are continually looking to enhance their service offering to keep abreast of market developments.”

Brigitte Chan, Chief Operating Officer, Symphony Financial Partners - 2015


"Saka Capital has been working with Apex as our administrator since our fund launched on October 1st, 2009. The entire team at Apex has consistently delivered excellent service. Monthly NAVs have been finished in a timely manner and have been without exception accurate. Apex has also helped us grow our business and brand by working very smoothly with our auditors and other service providers, and have also been extremely helpful in working with our prospective investors during due diligence processes. We would recommend Apex without reservation."

Thomas Picard, Head of Investor Relations, Saka Capital Pte Ltd. - 2015


"Apex as an administration provider shows us excellent performance in services with their high expertize and reliable support".

Kentaro Wantanabe, Milestone Asset Management Co. Ltd. - 2015


"I have worked with Apex Isle of Man for a few years now and they continually impress me with their proactive, sensible, knowledgeable and commercial approach to Fund Administration. Though I know we are one of many Clients, they are so well-resourced and efficient I fee like we are the only Company they work with. Superior to any other Administrator I have worked with."

Oliver Harris, Montreux Capital Management - 2015