What Our Clients Say About Us

“We have worked with Apex for a number of years and throughout this time have found their team to be professional, dedicated and always willing to help. As regulations become ever increasing, they have helped ease the burden by providing full services to help us meet our regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions. Apex have been able to fully support our changing needs as our business grows and furthermore, we see that they are continually looking to enhance their service offering to keep abreast of market developments.” 

Brigitte Chan,
Chief Operating Officer

Symphony Financial Partners - 2015


“Saka Capital has been working with Apex as our administrator since our fund launched on October 1st, 2009.  The entire team at Apex has consistently delivered excellent service.  Monthly NAVs have been finished in a timely manner and have been without exception accurate.  Apex has also helped us to grow our business and brand by working very smoothly with our auditors and other service providers, and have also been extremely helpful in working with our prospective investors during due diligence processes.  We would recommend Apex without reservation.”

Thomas Picard,
Head of Investor Relations, 
Saka Capital Pte Ltd. - 2015


“Apex as an administration provider shows us excellent performance in services with their high expertize and reliable support.”

Kentaro Watanabe, 
Milestone Asset Management Co. Ltd. – 2015


I have worked with Apex Fund services IOM for a few years now and they continually impress me with their proactive, sensible, knowledgeable and commercial approach to Fund Administration.
Though I know we are one of many Clients, they are so well-resourced and efficient that I feel like we are the only Company they work with. Superior to any other Administrator I have worked with. (2015) 

Oliver Harris
Montreux Capital Management


Chandra and his team (Apex Fund Services (Mauritius) Ltd) are amazing. Being a new company, we were still learning. Under their guidance and tutelage we have gotten off to a great start. They have been paramount in getting us through our learning curve and taking the time to walk us through each and every step. They have not only been great team members but are more like part of the VIKASA Capital family. Chandra really has helped us so much.

I also wanted to shed light on Pramod Nair (Compliance Officer) and his team. Pramod has also been a key resource at APEX Fund Services and has worked extra hard as we launch. He has kept himself available 24/7 to answer questions and he is eager to help.

Their is an overwhelming belief in what we at VIKASA are doing and APEX's support has made all the difference. 

Thanks to them, we will be APEX clients for a long time to come. For all the new products we are launching we would certainly retain APEX as well.

Thanks and Regards,

Roshan Pujari
Pres, VIKASA Capital


“I have worked with several fund administrators throughout my career and Apex has been the most professional by far.  Apex provide accurate and timely reporting, they have a strong global network and are always focused on clients’ needs.  The team is highly competent, responsive to requests and overall a pleasure to work with.”

John Marchetta

eStats Funds Management Pty Limited  


"Prior to switching to Apex Fund Services we were spending too much time supporting our administration service providers, which was frustrating and costly.

As opposed to the bigger administrators we worked with in the past, Apex's services have been prompt, responsive and professional. We get a tailored service at a very fair price.

Apex has allowed us to concentrate on our core business and what we do best; managing and growing funds."

David Baran
Symphony Financial Partners


Thank you for all your help with the funds you have done an amazing job and we could not of done it without you. We really do appreciate it.

Oliver Harris,
Managing Director,
Montreux Capital Management


From Day 1 the professionalism, eye for detail has been fantastic. Though Apex have grown from strength to strength, the level of service I receive has not been compromised in anyway. The same account manager from Day 1 who has a detailed knowledge of the Prospectus. Detailing points within the Prospectus in the most finest of details when dealing with investors has been consistently good. Investors have commented plenty of times how professional, detailed and helpful our account manager has been subscribing them into the fund. Working with the IM and handholding us through the initial start-up was invaluable at a time when a lot’s going on in setting up and raising the initial capital. Enough for now – I could keep on.

Matthew Breakwell,
Wraith Capital LLP


APEX has revolutionary approach as always! And always ahead the rest of the market. Thanks!

Vadim Fedchin, Asset Manager,
River Management


"We have been extremely impressed with the high service level received from Apex on every level.

The initial contact pitch and follow up were far superior to competitor offerings. We re-domiciled the Fund from Jersey and yet this complicated take-on occurred flawlessly. The day to day fund administration and monthly reporting is of a very high standard and we have received positive client feedback in this regard.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with everyone at Apex and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to any other Fund."

Sean Peche
Blue Alpha


“Apex are friendly and professional, exceptionally proficient and outstandingly helpful, forever one step ahead of our needs.”

Jolyon Griffiths
Muse Capital  


"We all think you are all doing a great job and a pleasure to deal with."

Richard Hazlewood
Muse Capital


"For the past four months I’ve been working with Apex, I thought that Apex has been providing us a quality service.  John and Alan are so accommodative and very quick in responding to my questions/concerns.  Personally, I found your approach on dealing with us very professional."

Wilbert Pascual
The National Investor


"I have been very happy with Apex; the service is professional, immediately responsive, client-orientated and accurate. The client-orientated piece is particularly welcome given our experiences elsewhere."

Swithun Mason 
Director & CFO Mars Capital Holdings Ltd


"The Apex team that we've engaged with have always been courteous, helpful and have turned key items around promptly throughout what has been a very complex restructuring exercise of MARS."

Stuart Richford
Mars Capital


"We are completely satisfied with the quality of service that Apex provides to us. During my 15 year career as a hedge fund manager, I have never worked with such a professional and effective Fund Administrator."

Samit Yakovlev
Inventum Asset Management S.A.

"The move away from a large, expensive and bureaucratic Administrator to Apex has helped us dramatically improve our service and fees to our underlying clients which, within a month, has already started to feed through to increased assets and significantly higher net revenues."

Charles Scott-Plummer
Senhouse Capital

"I also just wanted to say how superb Anne-Marie, Ashley and Karen have been in handling the White Tiger account. The successful launch of the fund is a testimony to their experience and detailed focus with White Tiger it's involved alot of work for them all - it's been executed extremely professionally and has not once left me doubting their professionalism, loyalty and hard work that is required to run a successful business."
"The ethos starts at the top and from the very beginning - I congratulate you on doing a great job - it must be very tough growing the business with the aim of being in the top 25 administrators for 2011. It's even tougher to achieve that goal without compromising service......and this you are managing to do."

Matt Breakwell
Blackcat Capital Partners

"Our fund of funds group, with many funds both in Bermuda and Malta, have worked with Apex for many years.  Hats off to Apex's highly dedicated teams, very low turnover of key staff and true tender, love & care for executing the administration side of our business.  We can maintain the focus on what matters for us - our business - as administration is taken care of to everyone's satisfaction."

Chief Investment Officer
Arild Johansen

"Thank you for all that you have done for Fairmont/Matrix and all your hard work. Very much appreciated and from my side it is great to be working with a company that knows what they are doing. Makes my job a lot easier."

Lyn Aitken
FairMont Group Limited

“We consider Apex as a true partner, instrumental to our growth. We have decided recently to work with one single Central Administrator, that is Apex, what else could be a better testimonial!”

Luc Leleux
Luxembourg Fund Partners S.A.

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