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Apex 247 is a dynamic online web reporting portal which provides up to date access and analysis for both portfolio managers and fund investors. Apex 247 let’s you easily create dynamic reports for both internal and external viewing. It is a simple, intuitive and robust reporting solution for both investment managers and investors.

Apex 247 is easy to use and has a customisable interface that allows investment managers to access key portfolio information, such as: exposure levels; counterparty splits and committed versus called capital. When used in conjunction with Apex Vision, it provides an up-to-date overview of the funds positions and risk. It can be accessed from any device and is totally secure.

The system allows for dynamic online reporting and feeds directly from Apex Fund Services core administration platform ensuring that the data is up to-date, comprehensive and accurate. Apex 247 provides T+1 reporting and performance reporting can be sourced from any electronic device at a touch of a button.

Apex 247 is a totally new way of communicating with a fund’s investors. It allows a fund to share information with them without the need to contact them directly or update them by mail. They can see the funds positions as they change on a daily, and in some cases intra-day basis.

There is complete flexibility when creating reports. Users can either create dynamic report building tools or utilise the library of more than 80+ templates covering the most requested formats.

Corporate governance remains a key focus for investors and Apex 247 has a specific function that allows managers to not only track all key fund information, but also to store board minutes and change your corporate data.

Apex 247 is hosted in an entirely secure cloud environment with separate access areas for managers and investors to protect sensitive information.

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Start using Apex 247 as part of your administration offering and see the following benefits:

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