Apex Broker Network, Apex Fund Services and Fund Administration

Essential to the success of any fund is the strength of its relationship with its broker. Demands vary over time but often include: the ability to access multiple markets in multiple asset classes; the provision of leading edge technology, capital introduction and on occasion financing. Brokers need to maintain keen pricing and access market liquidity for their clients at times of market stress and to be able to tap into sources of liquidity outside of the usual sources.  At Apex we realize the value the right broker can add to our clients and we have developed a broker network of different sized firms that provide Apex clients with unparalleled levels of service and a market edge. Our existing long standing relationships with leading mini-primes, prime brokers, agency brokers, investment banks and regional experts ensure that Apex clients can find the right partner for their funds…(more)


IT Hosting

Apex Cloud,  Apex Fund Services and Fund Administration

The Apex Cloud is an IT hosting solution provided by Eze Castle Integration (ECI) to Apex clients.

With more than 600 clients across the globe, supported by 11 regional offices and six data centres, ECI has developed the premier cloud infrastructure for the alternative investment industry. The Eze Managed suite (EMS) is the backbone of Apex’s product offering. EMS is a fully managed IT solution for hedge fund and alternative investment firms that provides flexibility and simplified IT operations. The solution combines a robust, highly secure private infrastructure via a Private Cloud with key business applications and professional IT management…(more)


Media Partner

Alpha Journal,  Apex Fund Services and Fund Administration

Apex’s media partner, Alpha Journal, is the creation of former Hedge Funds Review executive editor Margie Lindsay. Alpha Journal is an online publication covering news on a range of alternative funds as well as the investment community itself. The site covers sections on regulation, event listings and other features and is designed to give maximum information value to readers. Access to all content on the site, including video and audio, is via a simple one-time-only registration process…(more)


Risk Reporting

StatPro Revolution

Apex Fund Services supports clients using StatPro Revolution. Revolution provides investment managers and investors with portfolio analysis. It provides a full understanding of the drivers of a fund’s performance and risk.  Revolution allows users to view portfolio data in a whole new way, visualising complex information in seconds helping managers to make better and more informed investment decisions. StatPro Revolution is a fantastic tool to communicate performance and risk to investors. Not only that because it is cloud-based, it is available everywhere all the time. Users can simply log in and start using it. It is easy and a pleasure to use. It is also fully integrated and supported by Apex Fund Services through its fund accounting platform…(more)



Howden Insurance Brokers Limited

Apex is delighted to partner with the Howden Group to help Apex clients meet their insurance requirements  in an increasingly litigious world. Howdens is one of the very few brokers to provide in-house insurance contracts specifically designed to respond to the liability issues faced by managers and directors of Hedge Funds. The recent turmoil in the world's financial markets means that fund managers and directors are more vulnerable than ever to the risk of liability exposure.  Hedge Fund companies are probably the most misunderstood organisations that insurers seek to support. So ensuring you’ve got the effective means in place to mitigate risks to protect your financial position and reputation is critical. Structuring, designing and servicing management liability insurance products for the alternative investment space is one of Howden’s core areas of expertise…(more)

Back-office fund administration


Apex Fund Services uses Pacific Fund System’s PFS-PAXUS for all of its back-office fund administration requirements. PFS-PAXUS is a specialist accounting and administration application system for the alternative fund administration industry. PFS-PAXUS is revolutionary in that it integrates all the processes that are normally performed on multiple systems. These include the securities portfolio, allocation system, general ledger, fee calculation and share registry module. Benefits of this approach include increased efficiency, reduced risk of error, faster valuations, ability to support complex and reduced IT costs. PFS-PAXUS also brings all the benefits of a state-of-the art relational database design such as robustness and scalability from the database.


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