On my travels I have noticed many investment management communities with both liquidity and talented managers. What they lack is an experienced pool of middle and back-office support staff which need to be imported.

With the current issues in parts of the ME region this problem will become more exaggerated. It will become more expensive to hire middle and back-office staff and these costs have to be borne by the asset managers.

We have just launched Apex MOOR Solutions to solve this issue. We can provide middle and back office staff remotely using technology that can deliver real-time risk and p&l to fund managers without being a cost to them or needing to be local. They no longer need to buy expensive risk management systems as we can provide these as part of our service. Fewer staff means less cost and management headache.

As an example we have been providing daily web-based client reporting to a broker in Iraq. It saves them buying the technology to do this and reduces their Baghdad headcount but delivers to the service standards global institutional investors expect. Our model was able to deliver this from Bahrain and then from other locations when we recently evacuated staff during the protests.

It really is a flexible solution that can help fund managers globally with cost and efficiency. They have MOOR Solutions now.