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Apex Global Insight - the first of our quarterly newsletters - Peter Hughes

18 July 2010


"Welcome" from Peter Hughes, Managing Director, Apex Fund Services Holdings Ltd.  A very warm welcome to this inaugural edition of the Apex Global Insight - the first of our quarterly newsletters.

As the financial world continues to demonstrate its volatility it does so against a backdrop of increased regulation, the delay to the AIFM directive, UCITs and the continued strength of the emerging markets. To help all of our clients cut through all of the background noise, the team at Apex intends to direct you to the points that really matter by providing you with short round-ups about some of the key changes and developments within the fund management industry - in all of the international areas we operate. 

These latest updates will be unearthed by members of the Apex team who span the entire globe via our international offices.

With the entire Apex team working hand in hand with all of our clients we could not be any closer to the action and have plenty to tell you about the regulatory changes, shifts in investor sentiment and changes in manager strategies.

You can fully expect the Apex Global Insight to share with you our own knowledge and expectations, all aimed at helping clients anticipate, plan and grow.

Finally, a quick comment on Apex and the continued growth of the company. We continue to win new clients across all of our international operations with three more offices opening during 2010.

In addition, during this second half of 2010 we are continuing to look at increasing the number and range of products we provide our clients as we strive to help them achieve their own asset growth targets.

I look forward to being in contact with you again soon, and wish you safe investing for the next quarter of 2010.


Peter Hughes, Managing Director, Apex Fund Services Holdings Ltd.