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Resurgence of investor interest in offshore centres

15 December 2011

London, UK,

Apex Fund Services (“Apex”), one of the world’s largest independent fund administration companies today announce the findings from its global research as to how changes in the asset management industry, following on from the market crisis, will impact domiciliation and fund servicing patterns from 2012 to 2015.

Findings from the interviews with 100 fund managers* and investors located across the globe include:

  • Investors will have more influence on managers’ domiciliation and fund servicing decisions
  • Offshore centres will prosper and gain market share
  • Greater specialisation in fund jurisdictions is anticipated
  • Service provider consolidation
  • Growing role of non executive fund directors

The research was conducted three years after the onset of the credit crunch and more than a year after regulatory initiatives such as the AIFM Directive and the Dodd-Frank Act and identifies the impact of increased regulation upon patterns of fund servicing and domiciliation.

Commenting on the findings Peter Hughes, Group Managing Director, Apex Fund Services, said:

“Assumptions that fund jurisdictions outside of the EU would suffer in the wake of the market crisis and that investors would not want to be in offshore funds have proven unfounded. The report concludes that offshore jurisdictions remain as attractive to managers as they did prior to the financial crisis. The best opportunity for domiciles in the new climate will be those that have an identifiable niche.

“What is increasingly clear is that investors’ interest and involvement in domiciliation and fund servicing matters is a fast growing trend. Institutional investors are evidently requiring greater standards of transparency and are favouring those offshore centres that are well regulated.

“If institutions do not get what they want, they will not invest.” 

*Interviews conducted by IFI Global

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