I am delighted to announce that for the second year running Apex has been voted in the Service Provider Rankings 2013, as the number two hedge fund administrator worldwide, for both Fund of Hedge Funds and Single Manager Funds.

This is an excellent way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and is further evidence that the Group's "Global Reach, Local Presence" strategy is really proving its strength and that Apex’s commitment to solving client needs is highly valued by our fund managers.

Produced by the global publication Hedge Funds Review, organisations eligible to vote were individuals from single-manager hedge funds or FoHF organisations and investors, such as family offices, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and asset allocators.

The gap between the first and second ranked administrator has closed considerably from last year, particularly with the FoHFs where Apex is now only 1.2% behind being the leader in this category. 

With the growing range of services we are providing our clients, Apex continues to lead and set new standards for the international fund servicing industry and I look forward to updating you on our latest solutions for clients over the next 12 months.



Service Provider Rankings 2013 results

Fund administrator (single manager)

1 Citco (22.5%)


3 JP Fund Administration (12.1%)

4 SS&C GlobeOp (8.1%)

5 Deutsche Bank (7.4%)


Fund administrator (FoHFs)

1 Citco (19.7%)


3 JP Fund Administration (11.9%)

4 Deutsche Bank (10.2%)

5 BNP Paribas Security Services (9.6%)