Corporate Secretarial Administration


The Corporate Secretary is responsible for the corporate secretarial functions and general corporate governance of the company. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality service in producing the following:


Sharon B. Ward

Managing Director 
Apex Corporate Services Ltd

Tel: +441-292-0067





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Corporate secretary bdochure, Apex Fund Services and Fund Administration


> Maintaining all statutory registers and corporate records of the Fund and its subsidiaries according to Bye-laws and Articles of Association as well as the statuary and minute books of the fund

> Preparing and circulating all necessary papers for meetings of the Directors

>Drafting Administration Agreements


> Certification of banking resolutions and constitutional documents

> Attending Directors and General meetings of the company (if required) by telephonic link and preparing all notices and agendas for distribution to the Directors of the fund

> Any other services as agreed between the Manager, the Fund and the Administrator from time to time


> Making applications to the relevant authorities for confirmations relating to taxations, consents, Bye-Laws

> Submission of notices and filings to the relevant stock exchanges

> Assisting in the opening of bank account



List of required documents when already established Funds are being transferred to Apex

> Certificate of Good Standing

> Certificate of Incorporation

> Memorandum and Articles of Association

> Register of Directors

> Register of Officers

> Register of Members

> Copies of all resolutions to date.

> Certified Passport of the Directors of the Fund

Documentation required for new funds/companies where Apex is appointed upon incorporation

> Completed Personal Declaration for each Director (to be provided by Apex)

> Director’s Acceptance Letter for each Director (to be provided by Apex)

> Certified Passport of the Directors of the Fund

> Certified utility bill (within 3 months) of the Directors of the Fund

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