Fund of Funds Administration

Apex Fund Services Ltd specializes in administering Fund of Fund structures and provides comprehensive support to the client in both the setting up of the fund and also in delivering tailored reporting for this type of structure. Apex has built up strong relationships with specific banks, legal counsels and custodians to ensure the set up of the funds are both efficient and cost effective.

Our internal teams are skilled in maintaining the books and records for Fund of Fund structures and will ensure the service provided will meet all of the fund managers requirements. Specifically this will entail the following

Apex Fund Services also ensures the reporting requirements of a Fund of Fund Investment Manager are in place and we have specific reports in place designed to meet these requirements. These include liquidity reports, fund of fund price comparison reports and a fund of fund redemption terms report which can be generated at any time at the request of the fund manager. These will help assist the Investment Manager in making the best possible investment decision for their specific fund.

Apex Fund Services has also designed an online web portal which allows both the fund manager and investors to see specific fund information on a 24/7 basis. This ensures all up to date fund information is available at all times to all parties approved by the fund manager.

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