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At Apex Fund Services we pride ourselves on our ability to understand, adapt and meet the growing needs of our clients, especially when it comes to launching successful funds.

We recognise that it’s important to ensure initial set up and on-going costs are low in the early stages keeping your TER (Total Expense Ratio) in line in today’s competitive markets. We have partnered with well known industry names to launch Global Platforms in multiple locations 
servicing both on and offshore jurisdictions.

These global platforms allow our clients to effectively launch their fund as a sub fund within an existing fund structure, legally separating their asset and liabilities from all other sub funds operating under the same structure, leveraging off the Investment manager/promoter approval, engaging with a world class Fund Administrator - Apex Fund Services, Law firms, Auditors, Prime Brokers and Custodians.

These platforms give you the choice of jurisdiction, regulated or unregulated funds and assures costs are kept to a minimum.



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Global Platforms Brochure, Apex Fund Services and Fund Administration


Key points


LOCATIONS Ireland, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Malta, Bermuda    and Cayman Islands.

EFFORTLESS We explain the benefits and explore the possibilities of launching a fund, giving you a step-by-step guide to create  your own dedicated fund, within a few days and without the usual costs or red tape.

COST EFFICIENT Through the existing platform - we offer to managers a cost-efficient solution through economies of scale, providing all back office support, administration and other  services essential for the creation and management of a fund.


MINIMAL APPROVAL Using a licensed vehicle, promoters establishing funds do not have to apply for additional licenses.  The structures are already approved. Some jurisdictions  require minimal submissions to the regulator.

EXPERTISE Our clients benefit from the professional guidance   of experts, our team focuses on clients’ needs and goals. We offer the opportunity to work with the best in class service providers, who are better to respond to your requests.

SPEED The speed to market has been dramatically reduced  down to weeks as all the legal work and incorporation has been completed.



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