Apex Fund Services Brazil, Sao Paulo

Brazil, Sao Paulo

Keith Mahon,
Managing Director – LATAM
Email: keith@apexfunds.uy
Mobile: +598 9799 0900

Rua Haddock Lobo,
1421 – conj,
51 – 5 andar – Cerqueira Cesar,
Sao Paulo – SP,
CEP 01414-003 Brazil.

The time in Sao Paulo, Brazil is

Apex Fund Services embraces the high standards required in the global marketplace in an era where investors are demanding greater transparency and clearer valuations more than ever. We are here to provide support to facilitate our client’s business allowing it to function competitively wherever their opportunities may take them. In addition to the services we provide in their backyard, Apex also provides an entrance into the global market.

Our Services:

We offer our clients a wide variety of specialized and integrated products supporting middle and back office fund administration. We administer both onshore and offshore investment funds such as Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds. Our clients are located throughout the globe with a concentration in the United States and Latin America.


With a close proximity to the regulatory environment, Apex is able to keep its clients informed and advised about constantly changing regulation allowing them to focus on other areas such as capital raising, investing and retaining investors. The fund manager’s primary focus should be portfolio management. They need to feel confident that they have both an internal and external infrastructure that enables them to do that. Apex strives to rise to this occasion through our investment in our people and technologies as well as developing our continuing expertise in a variety of structures, jurisdictions, and markets.

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