Apex Fund Services Isle of Man, Douglas

Isle of Man, Douglas

Barry Monks,
Managing Director
Email: barry@apex.im
Tel: +44 1624 630400

Apex Fund Services (IOM) Ltd.,
Second Floor, Exchange House,
54-58 Athol Street,
Isle of Man,
IM1 1JD.

The time in Douglas, Isle of Man is

"Independently produced information is critical for clients concerned they might find themselves in a "Madoff" type situation."

Since Apex opened its office in the Isle of Man in April 2008 the Island has maintained its reputation as a premier offshore financial centre. During this time the Isle of Man has been awarded the OECD’s top compliance rating, an Aa1 sovereign rating from Moody’s, and is recognised by the IMF as a well regulated offshore finance centre of excellence.

Fund managers on the IOM are well positioned to capitalize on the current dissatisfaction among managers at the current UK tax regime. Personal taxes are low, at 20% capped at a £125k maximum liability and corporate taxes are nil.

With the big challenge ahead being how managers can continue to market products to European investors, Apex is here on the ground to help its clients work within and capitalize on the forthcoming EU draft Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers.

Being independent and international, Apex is able to bring innovative new products to the Island that have been tried and tested in other financial centres, keeping clients at the edge of new products and solutions.

(Licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man)

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