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James Bolton,
Managing Director, Global Head of TA
Email: jamesb@apexfunds.lu
Tel: +352 27 44 10 20

APEX Fund Services (Luxembourg),
2, boulevard de la Foire,
L-1528 Luxembourg.

Postal address:
PO Box 542,
L-2015 Luxembourg.


Managing Director
Email: femy@apexfunds.lu
Tel: + 352 27 44 10 20


The time in Luxembourg is

" Luxembourg offers a perfect environment for investment managers looking to distribute their funds on an international basis.”

 Apex provides administration services from Europe's largest fund domicile to a large number of global clients. The Luxembourg office can serve UCITS funds as well as AIFMD compliant  regulated Specialized Investment Funds (SIF).

SIF Funds are onshore Luxembourg-branded multi-purpose investment vehicle that are operationally flexible and fiscally efficient. SIF SICAV funds are marketable both internationally and within EU member States to Institutional Investors and qualifying individuals and are ideal for Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Property Funds. SIF Funds can be distributed under the Alternative Investment Fund Management (AIFM) Directive.

In addition to offering services for all types of public and private Luxembourg funds, the Luxembourg office has also been appointed as fund administrator for different fund platforms that provide fast and cost effective methods for establishing Luxembourg UCITS or Alternative SICAV funds.

Luxembourg was the first EU member state to transpose the 1985 UCITS directive into national law and Luxembourg domiciled funds are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. 70% of foreign funds distributed in countries such as Bahrain, the UAE, Hong Kong or Japan originate in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is also one of the leading fund centres for hedge funds, real estate and private equity funds domiciled in the EU.

Apex Luxembourg office is regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)


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