Apex Fund Services Mauritius, Ebene

Mauritius, Ebene

Chandra K. Gujadhur,
Email: chandra@apex.mu
Tel: +230 404 8800

Apex Fund Services (Mauritius) Ltd.,
4th Floor,
Raffles Tower,
19, Cybercity,
Ebene, Mauritius.

      Mahesh Doorgakant,
      Managing Director
      Email: mahesh@apex.mu 
Tel: +230 404 8800




The time in Ebene, Mauritius is

"The funds in Mauritius are very much India centric. Much can be done for South Africa funds as well as China."

 The Apex Mauritius office was opened in September 2006 and with its proximity to both India and China, has been close to some of the most exciting developments in the world's financial markets. The Apex office provides administration services to the international offices of many of the large corporations in India.

Mauritius has responded quickly to the opportunity provided by its strategic position and there has been significant amounts of new legislation, rules and regulations to create an organised and controlled framework for the funds and fund management. This process is on-going.

The demands put on Apex require high levels of responsiveness and a need for quick turnaround without any compromise on quality. With the markets expected to remain volatilite, Apex has a long term commitment to being located close to its clients and to continue to provide innovative products to nearby, fast growing markets.

Our Services Include:

Fund Administration, Fund Accounting, Fund Valuation, Hedge Fund Services, Fund Reporting, International Fund Services, Hedge Fund Accounting, Fund Formation, Risk Management Reporting, MRLO and Compliance Reporting.

(regulated by the Financial Services Commission)

For careers with Apex fund services in our Mauritius office.
Please send your CV with cover letter attached by email to: HR@apex.mu

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