Apex Fund Services UAE, Abu Dhabi

UAE, Abu Dhabi

Venki Subramanian,
Managing Director
Email: venki@apexfos.com
Tel: +971 (0) 2 672 6327
Mobile: +971 52 920 3559

Office 704,
Salam HQ, Salam Street,
PO Box 27925,
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates.

Fax: +971 (0) 2 672 6328

The time in Abu Dhabi, UAE is

Please note this Office is open for business from Sunday to Thursday.


 "PE and Infrastructure Funds have a lot of potential in the region.”

The Abu Dhabi office was opened in October 2012. Being located close to our key clients was an important aspect to the opening of this office, and combined with our global reach, Apex is able to advise its clients on how to keep ahead of best practice developments.  As an independent, global fund administrator with local knowledge and contacts, Apex plays an important supporting role to investment managers in the region.

With the introduction of increased regulation, fund managers are taking account of more robust fund structures, greater transparency and investment discipline.

As the Middle Eastern markets continue to develop and mature the range of investment products available to managers is broadening and in the future managers will be able to develop more sophisticated strategies to take advantage of these opportunities.

We are located in the same time zone as our clients, working the same regional week and have the ability to accept Arabic documents.

Whether a fund is domiciled locally or offshore, Apex's flexibility and ability to tailor its services ensures it is an invaluable resource to its clients. Through its global brand, Apex provides confidence, transparency and security to investment managers and to investors.

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