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"At Apex Fund Services we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients, Investment managers and advisors, allowing us to adapt and meet the growing needs of our clients and their investment fund needs."

Ireland is a jurisdiction that is synonymous with hedge funds. After all, over 43% of global hedge funds are serviced in Ireland, making it the largest hedge fund administration centre in the world and Europe’s leading hedge fund domicile.

Ireland has always been regarded as the jurisdiction of choice for asset managers and investors alike – with its favorable tax regime for investment fund companies; a highly educated labor force with experienced fund professionals operating within a common law legal system; and a prudent but flexible regulator with extensive knowledge of sophisticated fund structures and strategies. Ireland is the fastest growing fund servicing centre in the world with extensive industry experience and expertise in the areas of fund management, administration, custody, legal services and auditing.

Over the past 7 years Apex Fund Service (Ireland) Limited has developed a strong relationship with The Central Bank of Ireland; A regulator which is respected for its efficiency, clarity and the robustness of its regulation, as well as its approachability and willingness to engage with industry to develop pragmatic solutions.

Apex Fund Services now goes beyond offering services in Fund Administration, Fund Accounting, Fund Valuation, Hedge Fund Services, Fund Reporting, International Fund Services, Hedge Fund Accounting, Fund Formation and Risk Management Reporting.

We can also provide services across our network of global offices that include tax services, financial statement preparation, corporate secretarial and registered office services, directorship services, Apex247- online web reporting with portfolio analytics and our middle office outsourcing solutions and software.

Apex Fund Services is committed to keeping its clients up to date with the significant challenges but also opportunities which are presented by new regimes.

“Hedge strategies seen during the boom have become unpopular and there has been a shift to more conservative strategies. More than ever, Investment Managers are having to adapt rapidly."

In the wake of the global financial crisis, European authorities crafted what is undoubtedly the most ambitious, complex and controversial legislative initiative to impact the asset management sector in the form of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). The AIFMD will have a  long lasting impact on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (“AIFMs”) in Europe and beyond.

Ireland was well placed in the lead up to the transposition of the AIFM Directive. The Irish regulatory regime already incorporates many of the provisions set out in the AIFM Directive, such as valuation and custody requirements.

For the first time, Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) are required to seek authorisation under a new and comprehensive EU regulatory framework with far-reaching business impacts. This new regime  came into effect  22 July 2013, which creates a significant challenge but also opportunities for AIFMs. Member states have year to adopt into law with current take up at various stages of implementation.

Whether you are an EU or non-EU AIFM, Ireland can provide you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ AIFMD solution.

Ireland was the first regulated jurisdiction to provide a dedicated product structure specifically for alternative investment funds and remains at the forefront of market and regulatory developments. Ireland’s AIF product offerings have been updated to provide an effective AIFMD compliance solution for the widest range of fund types.

The ‘tried and tested’ Qualifying Investor Fund (QIF) transitioned to a “Qualifying Investor AIF” (QIAIF). All of the key advantages of the current QIF structure, such as investment flexibility, speed to market and no borrowing restrictions remain in place. AIFMs and investors also benefit from some new enhancements, many of which will facilitate property and private equity investment in particular.

The Central bank of Ireland’s AIF Handbook also provides for the creation of a Retail  investor AIF (RIAIF). The RIAIF will provide greater investment flexibility than UCITS  but will be subject to more restrictions than the QIAIF regime. RIAIFs could offer an alternative to UCITS (or, non UCITS retail schemes) for managers that would like to provide a retail investment offering that does not easily fit within the UCITS framework.

Going far beyond the traditional definitions of Fund Administrator we find ourselves working with our Investment Fund Managers to provide organizational and operational frameworks that adhere to the requirements of AIFM directive.

Apex has focused on integration and straight through processing from front end to back end services over the last number of years in order to ensure that our databases of client information could be ready to adapt to the waves of additional regulation and reporting thus providing our clients with the tools to meet their needs under the Directive.

As a global fund administration company with 33 offices in 24 separate jurisdictions the inward flow of traffic into Europe is very quickly creating tailbacks at the doors to entry but support is at hand and the roadmaps are becoming clearer.

Apex Fund Services has been selected as a finalist for the Business and Finance Enterprise of the Year Award.  The Business & Finance Awards have been recognising excellence in Irish business for over 30 years and is the longest running and most coveted business awards programme in Ireland. To learn more about this prestigious awards click here or on the image to the left.


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