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Martin Lui,
Managing Director
Email: martin@apexfunds.sg
Tel: +65 6295 2335

Apex Fund Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.,
10 Anson Road
Unit 13-13A International Plaza
Singapore 079903

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Ashmita Chhabra
Head of Business Development - Asia Pacific

Email: ashmita@apexfunds.sg
Tel SG: +65 6831 5856
Mobile: +65 9118 4552

"The growth prospects in the region attract managers, who are predominantly focused on Western and developed markets, to consider an emerging markets strategy."

Apex opened its Singapore office in November 2007 and the most significant feature in recent years has been the resilience of the local financial markets and dependence on local macro economic growth factors.

The growth prospects in the region attract managers who are predominantly focused on Western and developed markets to consider an emerging markets strategy, not only to tap into the opportunities but also to provide the much needed diversification to their existing strategy. With the New Fund Management regulations coming into effect in 2011 and increasing number of investment strategies seeking to take advantage of various Tax treaties between Singapore and other prominent jurisdictions, Singapore has reaffirmed itself as a jurisdiction of preference for asset managers.

Apex has established itself in Asia as an expert fund administrator with a highly responsive service levels to their clients. We also provide Administration services to Singapore domiciled Funds under the Enhanced Tier Structure. The availability of professionally qualified staff locally, the quick turnaround time for manager and investor queries, pro-activeness in discussing potential concerns and timely delivery of NAV's to clients have worked in Apex's favor as a recent entrant in the fund administration space.

Apex advises managers to consider the overall implication of fund strategies, asset classes, portfolio turnover, percentage of illiquid securities while structuring share class offering, subscription and redemption terms and notice periods, varying fee structures, redemption gates and lock up period.

Our Services Include:

Fund Administration, Fund Accounting, Fund Valuation, Hedge Fund Services, Fund Reporting, International Fund Services, Hedge Fund Accounting, Fund Formation, Risk Management Reporting.

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